Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Happy Place

Or should I say scrappy place.  When life gets to be a bit much and I need to unwind and let out my creative juices this is were I go.  It is not the fanciest of scraprooms but it is mine and I love it!! Hope you enjoy!

This shot is looking in to my scrap room from the doorway:
Here is my desk,  I bought it from and LOVE it.  It is the biggest one I could find and allows me to be the messy, messy scrapper that I am!

The shelves above my desk.  I store my cardstock, ribbons, card making supplies and misc supplies.

My die cutting station.  It is an old buffet and the drawers in it are perfect for my Cricut Cartridges, Sizzex dies.  Above it are my stramping supplies.

Book shelf for idea books, photos, letter stickers and Thickers and tools.  This sits next to my desk.

My computer station that also has my printer (12" carriage) and scanner.

I planned this room for many years but it just came into being last year as I gained a spare room as my children grew up and moved out.  I do miss my kids but love my scraproom.

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