Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project Sunday

Hi, it has been a busy Sunday for me as I have been working on a couple of projects.  One is for a scrapbook page layout contest that I am entering.  The other is for a friend, co-worker and one of the kindest persons that I have had the privilege to know.

First here is a peek into some of my supplies that I used for the scrapbook page.  Supplies used were Bazzil cardstock (my favorite cardstock), Scenic Route paper, Country Life Cricut cartridge and Paper Glaze. One product that was a little unusual is a cup wrap from my daughter's college.  When she brought it home for Christmas break I grabbed it before she threw it away as I knew that I could use it for a project.  Here is the link to the challenge that I am taking: The challenge called that I use the colors red, orange, blue, green & brown.  So I gathered my supplies with a mind that I was going to combine the challenge colors with Augustana's school colors of navy & yellow.   Here is what I started with:

So I needed to put my layout together using the colors that it called for.  Blue was easy....a school color.  The red, orange and green were also pretty easy as the they were all in the Scenic Route paper that I used.  Brown was a little more difficult until I remembered that I had the coffee wrapper!!  All my bases were covered and here is what I came up with:

The sketch was perfect for this layout!!  Speaking of  Sketch Support, they featured one of my layouts in their blog post tonight.  If you are interested, you can see at

On to my next project...I do have to give a big thank-you to Tammy Tutterrow for your inspiration for this as I had a major creative block as to what to do with it. Here is the inspiration & my take:

Goodnight and have a great week!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Happy Place

Or should I say scrappy place.  When life gets to be a bit much and I need to unwind and let out my creative juices this is were I go.  It is not the fanciest of scraprooms but it is mine and I love it!! Hope you enjoy!

This shot is looking in to my scrap room from the doorway:
Here is my desk,  I bought it from and LOVE it.  It is the biggest one I could find and allows me to be the messy, messy scrapper that I am!

The shelves above my desk.  I store my cardstock, ribbons, card making supplies and misc supplies.

My die cutting station.  It is an old buffet and the drawers in it are perfect for my Cricut Cartridges, Sizzex dies.  Above it are my stramping supplies.

Book shelf for idea books, photos, letter stickers and Thickers and tools.  This sits next to my desk.

My computer station that also has my printer (12" carriage) and scanner.

I planned this room for many years but it just came into being last year as I gained a spare room as my children grew up and moved out.  I do miss my kids but love my scraproom.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter Beauty

Don't get me wrong, I am so very sick of winter and all that goes with it.  The ice that we had on Saturday and the snow that came after it, about drove me over the edge.....I am so ready for spring.  Having said that, when I drug myself out of bed Tuesday morning dreading what the drive into town would bring, I looked out side and my breath was taken away.  Between the ice, snow and the hoar frost we received everything had such a beautiful glisten to it!  So, I grabbed my camera and shot these photos. 

Hope you enjoyed these pictures!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thunder, lightening, snow & ice…..OH MY!

Here in southwest Minnesota we are in the middle of an ice and snow storm.  Woke up this morning to a flash of lightening and clap of thunder……..pretty darn unusual for Minnesota in February!!  Luckily Ron and I had no plans today, so we are snug and warm in our farm house today.  Really, really hope that we do not lose our electricity today.  May live in the country but we are very attached to our computers and the internet.  Megan (our daughter) is up in the cities coaching at a JO volleyball tournament and tried to make it back to Sioux Falls but the group of parents that were traveling with her ended up turning back. So she is back at the hotel she stayed that last two nights. I am so very thankful she is safe and not on the roads.

I cooked up yummy Cream of Turkey and Wild Rice Soup for dinner thanks to some leftover turkey that Mom Bez gave me.  The recipe, from, is very easy and was ready in about 30 minutes.  Here is the recipe:

Creamy Turkey and Wild Rice Soup
4 cups chicken broth
2 cups water
Turkey (Mom gave me a 8oz Cool Whip tub full)
1 pkg Uncle Ben’s quick cooking wild rice
Mushrooms & carrots (used about 2 cups of each but could have used more)
½ tsp salt
1 tsp pepper (this is doubled because we really like pepper)
¾ cup flour
½ cup butter
2 cups heavy cream

In a large pot over medium heat, combine broth, water, turkey, carrots and mushrooms (celery would be good in this too). Bring to a boil then stir in the rice but do not add the flavor packet.  That will be used later.  Cover and remove from heat.

In a small bowl, combine flour, salt, pepper & seasoning packet.  In a medium sauce pan over medium heat melt the butter. Once the butter is melted, reduce heat to low and stir in flour mixture, one tablespoon at time. Wisk in cream a little at a time until it is fully incorporated and sauce in smooth. Cook until thick.

Stir cream mixture into broth mixture.  Cook over medium heat until heated through and carrots are tender and heated.

Was very good, easy and perfect for a day like this!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hello Cyber Space

Today is my first post in a new experience for own blog!!  I am going to start off my posting a layout I did for a challenge at Sketch Support......if you need any scrapping inspiration head on over to  Anyway, here it is:

These are shots that I took of my flower garden last summer.  The majority of my gardening is perennial flowers but did have my first vegetable garden this last summer in about 20+ years.  (I will be doing a layout of that in the future)  This layout I am dedicating to my grandmother, who passed away on February 11, 2011 at 103!  She was an amazing, strong, faith filled woman.....who also loved flower gardens.  I remember visiting her at the farm as a child and was mesmerized with her flower beds.  Hope my gardens do you proud Grandma!!  Love you!