Monday, August 22, 2011

Heritage Printers Tray

Greetings!  Today I wanted to share with you the 7 Gypsies Printer Tray that I Decorated for Archivers “One of a Kind Wall Art Contest”.  The rules of the contest that can be found at I took this tray to the Archivers store at the Eden Prairie Center on August 13 for judging that took place August 15 to August 21.  This morning Jen at Archivers called and said I was their winner!! So I won a $100 Archivers and will be in the finals at Scrapfest and eligible for a $1,000 cash prize!!

When my Grandmother passed away last February all of the family members shared heritage photos that Grandma had and that other family members had in their possession.  I knew that I wanted to display some of these photographs but was really struggling with how to do this until I came across this contest.  Once I decided on making a printers tray, everything else fell into place relatively easy. 

The photos tell the story of my family history from my grandma’s birth to my sister, brother and I.  Except for the printer’s tray, the majority of the products were from Tim Holtz.  Here is the finished product.

The first photo in the upper left hand corner of the tray is my grandma taken when she was 17 or 18 years old.

One of my absolute favorites is next!  It was taken in 1911 on a Sunday afternoon drive.  Grandma is the little 4 year old girl standing in front of the rear door.  Check out the beautiful bow in her hair.  My Great-grandfather Brehmer is driving the car, her brothers and uncle (the man in the shadows) is in the front.  The lady next to Grandma was her uncle’s fiancé and then my Great-grandmother.

This is a family photo of my Dad and his brothers and sisters taken in 1947.  From left to right is my Dad (my son looks ALOT like Dad), Aunt Marilyn, Aunt Norma, Uncle Roger, Aunt Fran and Uncle Ronnie.  The baby photo directly below is Grandma’s one year photo.
My Dad’s confirmation photo was taken when he was in the 8th grade and a picture of my brother, John, sister Judy and me is below Grandma’s baby picture.  The photo of my siblings and I was taken in the fall of 1966, I was in first grade and remember having this picture taken.  What I remember the most is John did not want to smile and the photographer really had to work hard to get this picture.  It is funny what a person remembers!

The last photo is of my Grandpa and Grandma Petersen o their wedding day.  Grandpa passed away two years before I was born and this is one of the few pictures that I have of him.  So it is a treasure to me.

The rest of the photos are of the embellishment and the grunge flowers I made.  Instructions to make the grunge flowers can be found at   
I love You Tube for new crafting Ideas.

That is my heritage printer’s tray and I hope you enjoyed looking at it!! 

Take care and I will see you soon on my gravel road.

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