Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bo Bunny Layout Challenge!

Hi, everybody!  Back again with my re-entry to the Bo Bunny Layout Challenge of Friday, March 25, 2011.  I had originally posted my entry with my April 1 post.  But when I looked at it this morning, I decided that it was missing something and so I deleted the photo from the post, went to my craft room and zjooshed up my layout.  Now I am happy with it and it is done!   Here is a link to the challenge: Immediately I was drawn to this challenge and thought that it was so much fun and plus scrapbooking is all about telling your life stories.  What a great way for those that will see this layout to get a snapshot of who I am right now!! 

The title is "essential to me" and the journaling reads, "Crosswords for when I am waiting. IPod so I will remember to buy a power cord. Wad of keys so I don't lose my frequent shopper card. Nail file, tape measure, screw driver, cough drops, Tylenol & Sudafed and....A cork screw because you never know when you might need to share a glass of wine with a friend".

Here is a look at the layout....."pre-zjoosh"

Yep, definitely better.  Till we meet again On My Gravel Road.

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